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(Content provided by: "Family Disaster Plan." developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.)


Four Steps to Safety

1. Find Out What Could Happen to You

2. Create a Disaster Plan

3. Complete This Checklist

Home Hazard Hunt

4. Practice and Maintain Your Plan

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Working with neighbors can save lives and property. Meet with your neighbors to plan how the neighborhood could work together after a disaster until help arrives. If you're a member of a neighborhood organization, such as a home association or crime watch group, introduce disaster preparedness as a new activity. Know your neighbors' special skills (e.g., medical, technical) and consider how you could help neighbors who have special needs, such as disabled and elderly persons. Make plans for child care in case parents can't get home.

If Disaster Strikes

Remain calm and patient. Put your plan into action.

Check for Injuries

Give first aid and get help for seriously injured people.

Listen to Your Battery-Powered Radio for News and Instructions

Check for Damage in Your Home...

Remember to...

To get copies of American Red Cross community disaster education materials, contact your local Red Cross chapter.


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