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  1. Plan ahead. Know the fire escape route for any building you might be in. In the event of a fire, get out of the building the best and quickest way possible. Once outside do not return to a burning building.

  3. If you become trapped in a burning building, stay calm. It helps to think clearly. Before opening a door, feel to see if it is hot. Use the back of your hand to do this. If it is hot, don't open it. Crawl in the smoke. Hold your breath and keep your eyes closed as much as possible.

  5. If trapped, put as many closed doors between you and the fire as possible. Seal off all cracks with cloth soaked in water if time permits. Use stairs to get to the ground floor - elevators often malfunction in a fire. Do not use stairwells if they are full of smoke.

  7. If you can't get out, stay in a room with a window to the outside. Open it slightly at the top and bottom. Signal in the direction of firefighters with a flashlight or white cloth. Before opening the window, make sure that the door to the room is tightly shut.

  9. Get fresh air! Make a tent over your head with a blanket at a slightly opened window. Try to avoid breathing smoke-laden air.


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