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U.S. Senate Bean Soup


1 lb. White beans

1 ham hock or ham bone w/meat

3 qts. Water

1 c. mashed potatoes

3 onions

1 small bunch celery, including tops

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

½ c. chopped parsley

Soak beans overnight, drain and put in soup pan with ham bone. Bring to boil and simmer for 2 hrs. Stir in potatoes and add onions, celery, garlic cloves and parsley. Simmer soup for 1 hr. longer until beans are thoroughly cooked. Remove ham bone, dice meat and return meat.

Mormon Baked Beans


2 c. small white beans

6 c. water

2 Tbs. Dehydrated onion

¼ c. oil

¼ c. brown sugar

3 Tbs. Honey

¼ tsp. Dry mustard

1 ½ tsp. Salt

1/8 tsp. Pepper

½ c. bacon or bacon bits (optional)

Soak beans overnight. Simmer over low heat 1 – 2 hours until tender. Drain, reserving liquid. Add onions to beans and put into a 2 quart casserole dish. Stir together oil, sugar, honey, mustard, salt, pepper and 1 cup of reserved liquid. Pour over beans and stir gently. Add enough of remaining liquid to almost cover beans. Bake at 300 3 – 4 hours. Stir in bacon or bacon bits last 30 minutes.


Boston Baked Beans


2 cups (1/2 L) navy beans, small white beans, or Great Northern beans

About 1 tsp. Salt

¼ pound (115 g) salt pork

2 teaspoons dry mustard

5 tablespoons dark-brown sugar

4 tablespoons molasses

Wash the beans. Soak overnight or use the short method (below). Add salt, stir and drain, reserving the liquid. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Cut off a third of the salt pork and place the piece on the bottom of a bean pot. Add the beans to the pot. Blend the mustard, brown sugar, and molasses with the reserved bean liquid and pour over the beans. Cut several gashes in the remaining piece of salt pork and place on top of the beans. Cover and bake for about 6 hours, adding water as needed. Uncover for the final hour of cooking so the pork will become brown and crisp. Taste and correct seasoning. (Serves eight)


Short Method for Soaking Beans


Put 2 cups of beans in a pot, cover with 6 cups water, bring to a boil, and cook for 2 minutes; remove from the heat, cover the pot, and let stand for 1 hour before cooking.


Baked Bean Soup


3 cups Baked Beans (recipe above)

1 onion, chopped

2 stalks celery, chopped

1 ½ c. canned tomatoes

1 ½ tsp. Chili powder


Freshly ground pepper

Put the baked beans, onion, celery, tomatoes, and chili powder in a large pot with 6 cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer, partially covered, for 30 minutes. Mash and beat until smooth or puree in a blender or food processor. Reduce, adding salt and pepper to taste. (Yield: 8 cups)


Navy Bean or Lima Bean Soup


Wash 2 c. beans and let stand in 4 qts. Water overnight or for 6 – 7 hours. Then add:

4 finely chopped onions

3 – 4 carrots, cut fine

4 bay leaves

2 Tbs. Salt

1 stalk celery

few sprigs of parsley

¼ tsp. Pepper

2 Tbs. Cider vinegar

It is a good idea to cook a ham bone, beef bones, or soup meat, then cook altogether 2 ½ to 3 hours. Taste for salt before serving. Great on a cold day!


Beans Cooked in the Ground (Pioneer Recipe)


Dig a hole about 18" square. Make a fire in the hole and let it burn down to hot coals. Place a pot of beans in the hole with plenty of water, in the pot, salt, pepper and 1 – 2 pieces of bacon. Cover tightly. Place coals and ashes around pot and cover with dirt. Cook 6 – 8 hours.


White Bean Gravy


2 c. hot water

2 t. chicken or vegetable bouillon

3-4 T. white bean flour

salt and/or pepper to taste

Bring water and bouillon (or soup base) to a boil. Whisk bean flour into seasoned water. Stir until mixture thickens. Reduce heat and cook an additional 2 minutes.


German Bean Soup


1 c. beans (black or pinto)

1 c. finely diced potatoes

½ c. finely sliced or chopped onion

2 qts. Water

1 slice well buttered toast

1 c. diced salt pork or ham

1 c. finely diced celery

2 c. cream or evaporated milk

Cook beans in plenty of water. Run through sieve when tender, discard hulls. Add all other ingredients except cearm and toast. Cook 4 – 5 hours. Just before serving add cream and garnish with toast triangles or croutons.


Crockpot Bean Soup


3 c. any dried beans

1 medium onion

¼ tsp. Garlic powder

¼ c. dried soup blend

¼ tsp. Savory seasoning

2 stalks chopped celery

Sort and wash the beans. Put them in a crockpot or kettle and add water to fill the crockpot about 2/3 full. Add remaining ingredients, turn the crockpot on high and let it simmer all day. If you are cooking in a kettle, simmer for about 3 – 4 hours. Check occasionally to see if more water is needed. Do not salt beans until they are soft.


Ruth’s Bean Spread


In a large pan, in ½ c. water, sauté a finely chopped onion, a green pepper, 3 ribs celery, and about ½ c. coarsely shredded carrots for about 10 minutes. Then add about 3 c. cooked beans (garbanzos, navy beans, or any leftover beans), some crushed garlic, 1 Tbs. Curry powder (maybe a pinch of hot pepper), and a slug of tamari. Also add about 1-1 ½ c. water or vegetable-cooking water. Mix well. Then put the pan into the oven and bake the spread until the liquid is absorbed (about 1 hour at 350 degrees F.) Cool. Then mash with a potato masher. Chill before using. Good sandwich material.


Indian Bean Bread


(Early Settlers)

4 c. corn meal 2 c. hot water

2 c. cooked beans ½ tsp. Soda

Put cornmeal in a bowl. Mix in drained beans. Make a hole in middle and add soda and water. Mix. Form into balls and drop into a pot of boiling water. Cook about 45 minutes or till done.


Oil-Free Refried Beans


5 c. Pinto beans 3-4 Tbs. Green and red salsa

2 Tbs. Onion powder 1 tsp. Garlic powder

1 Tbs. Sea Salt

Soak the pinto beans for 12 hours, then sprout them in a sprout bag for 2 days maximum. Cook the beans on a low flame, approximately 40 – 60 minutes or until soft. Scoop off any foam that builds up during cooking. When soft, pour off half to 2/3 of the cooking water. Mash up the softened beans with a mashing tool or a food processor. Add the salsa sauce and spices. Traditionally, bean dips are used with corn chips, tostadas and burritos. As an alternative, serve this dip on the side with cooked quinoa (a grain) and salad.


Bean Chowder


¾ c. dry beans 3 c. water

1 ½ tsp. Salt ¾ c. diced potatoes

½ c. chopped onions 1 ½ c. water mixed with 3/8 c. powdered milk

1 ½ tsp. Flour 1 Tbs. Margarine

¾ c. bottled tomatoes 1/3 c. green bell pepper

Soak the beans overnight. Add salt and boil (add 1 cup of water, if needed). Cover with a lid until almost done. About 1 hour. Add potato and onion. Cook 30 minutes more. Mix flour and margarine and stir into the beans. Add the tomatoes and green pepper. Cook over low heat about 10 more minutes until thickened. Stir in the milk and serve. (Serves 6).


Bar-B-Q'd Lentils


Serving Size : 8

2 1/3 c. Lentils -- rinsed

5 c. Water

1/2 c. Molasses

2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

1 Tbs. Vinegar

1/2 c. Ketchup

1 tsp. Dry Mustard

1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce -- or vegetarian kind

16 oz. Tomato Sauce

2 Tbs. Minced Onions

1/4 tsp. Liquid Barbecue Smoke® -- optional

Add lentils to water, bring to a boil and simmer for 30 min or until tender but whole. Add remaining ingredients to the cooked lentils and bake at 350 degrees F for 45 min.


Mock Pumpkin Pie (with beans)


(Creamy pumpkin pie taste from mashed white beans.)

3 eggs

2 tbsp light molasses

1/8 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp nutmeg (ground)

1/2 tsp ginger (ground)

1/4 tsp cloves (ground)

1/2 tsp cinnamon (ground)

3/4 cup(s) honey

2 cup(s) warm water

2/3 cup(s) nonfat dry milk powder

2 cup(s) cooked white beans, mashed

Combine all ingredients in order into mixing bowl. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into chilled pie shell(s). (Makes one 10-inch or two 8-inch pies.) Bake for 10 minutes at 450 degrees F, then reduce heat to 350 degrees F. Bake an additional 20 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees F., or until knife inserted into pie comes out clean.

NOTE: If crust gets done before the middle, bake covered.

(Eat it the first day it’s baked for best flavor.)


Hearty Soup mix


1 (14 oz.) pkg. dry green split peas

1 (12 oz.) pkg. pearl barley

1 (14 oz.) pkg. alphabet macaroni

1 (12 oz.) pkg. lentils

1 and 1/2 cups brown rice

4 cups dry minced onion

Combine ingredients in a large, airtight container. Stir to evenly distribute ingredients. Label container. Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 6 months. Shake before using. Makes about 12 and 1/2 cups of mix.


Cream of Bean Soup


2 Tbs. Salad oil

2 Tbs. Flour

2 Tbs. Butter or margarine powder OR 2 Tbs. Real butter or margarine

3 ¼ cups water

½ tsp. Salt

¾ cup powdered milk

3 cups cooked dry beans

4 tsp. Chopped onion

4 tsp. chopped peppers

Add the flour to the oil and blend. Add the butter or margarine powder. Real butter or margarine can be substituted. Stir in all remaining ingredients and cook on low heat until thickened. – Serves 4


Lentil Soup cooked in a Thermos Bottle


Pour 6 ounces of lentil soup mix into a 32-ounce steel "outdoor" thermos bottle. Salt and pepper can be added for seasoning. Fill the bottle with fast boiling water and lay it on its side for even distribution of the soup mix. Leave for 9 hours.



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