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Information regarding disasters that can happen in North Carolina.


More info relating to disasters that can happen in North Carolina. (Click on Library, then click on Preparedness. These are in ".pdf" format, which requires Adobe Reader.)


Wasatch County Family Emergency Preparedness Manual (Excellent!) Requires Adobe Reader


Car Boat Emergency Kits


All kinds of information regarding disasters, emergency preparedness etc.


Family Emergency Preparedness plan. Requires Adobe Reader


Information on all types of disasters.


What to do before, during and after a Tornado. From NCSU Cooperative Extension Service. Requires Adobe Reader


Survival Planning, Long term Self-sufficiency, Disaster Preparedness (If link takes you to "The page cannot be found", Please try the following: Open the")


Has information and .pdf files relating to various types of shelters to build in case of nuclear disasters. (Click on the link to Nuclear Survival.)


Prudent Food Storage FAQ Version 4.0 NEW 2003 UPDATE! (Lots of Excellent Info.)


The intent of the book is to assist individuals in practical acquisition and use of food storage. It is designed for personal use or as a teaching tool for non-profit groups. FOOD STORAGE INFORMATION


Garden Planning Primer


Garden Plans


Frugal Gardening




Save Your Lawn in 90 Days


Drying Foods - Excellent information regarding drying foods


Storage Life of Dry Foods In Consultation with Stephen Portela (Look near the bottom of the homepage for "Storage Life.)


Information on Dehydrating foods--what--how--and recipes (Check the link to Dried Food Mixes.)


Food Preservation, Safe Food Handling and Emergencies and Disasters - lots of info.


General Food Preservation, Canning, Drying Foods, Freezing Foods, and Vacuum Packaging - Great info.



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