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Toxic or Hazardous Chemical Spills or Leaks

  1. Listen for warning by radio, siren or loud speaker through the streets.
  2. Immediately follow instructions. If evacuation is required immediately, do so IMMEDIATELY! Grab that 72 hour kit.
  3. If you observe smoke or a fog-like cloud or smell unusual odors after a truck or train wreck or around storage tanks, leave immediately, warn exposed persons, and report to the fire department.

Civil Disturbance

  1. Every family should evaluate the danger of rioting or other civil disorder in their immediate local area. If the area has had problems in the past, where did they occur and how did they spread? If, after a careful personal evaluation, the family feels there is danger in the future, then the first step in preparation is to move permanently as far as practical from the suspected area.
  2. A personal plan of evacuation should be developed. This plan should include various scenarios of children at school and parents at work or home, as well as the scenario of the total family being at home. Communication and alternate meeting sites should be included in the plan. When news or other reports indicate a possibility of civil disorder, each family member should keep in touch with home and stay as close to home as practical. The family car should at all times have enough fuel to carry the family to their predetermined evacuation point. This point should be remote enough to provide safety from civil disorder. When danger arises, the family should secure their home, place their emergency kit in the car and leave for safety well in advance of road blocks or other slowdowns.

Nuclear or Other Wartime Alerts

  1. Learn the shelter areas, evacuation routes, etc., for your particular area of work, home etc.
  2. Prepare in advance.


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