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When a tornado is near, do the following:


  1. Seek shelter immediately, protect head and eyes, lie flat, make as small a target as possible.

  3. In homes, stay away from windows. Go to the basement or if you have no basement, go to the first floor bathroom or closet at the center of the house, or lie flat under heavy furniture against inside walls.

  5. In schools, shopping centers, or public buildings, stay away from windows and large unsupported areas such as auditoriums or gymnasiums. Go to a designated shelter area or to an interior hallway on the lowest floor.

  7. In open country or in a car, seek shelter in the nearest substantial structure. If there is no time to find suitable shelter, leave your car and lie flat in a ditch or ravine.

  9. Mobile homes should be abandoned immediately. If there is no reinforced shelter nearby, take cover in a ditch or depression.


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